Voluntary Support Angels

South Africa
SAST* = UTC+2 or GMT+2
Anita is fluent in English and Afrikaans (her native language)
Group or one-on-one sessions via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype to Skype – all sessions are a maximum of one hour
Weekday evenings between 19h00 and 22h00 (SAST*)
Meeting via MS Teams or Zoom (1:1 and groups), Skype to Skype (only 1:1)

Anita is a perpetual student of the deeper spiritual roots of life and finds it a privilege to be a facilitator and mentor for the empowerment of people and providing support where it is needed and appreciated.

When Anita found herself on the side of needing healing guidance and support, it was her journey of finding Annaliese and completing her course which helped her to learn more about self-healing protocols and the importance of a caring, compassionate and understanding community which could provide a supportive space for healing. She will forever be grateful to Annaliese and for the support she has received from the healing groups she still belongs to.

While she has been mostly a city dweller currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa, Anita spent her happiest childhood years on a farm situated on the border of South Africa and Botswana and nature is still her definite go-to and ultimate health partner. She loves all animals and is also an avid wildlife photographer. Her other interests include travelling, gardening, cycling and hiking.

CET Central European Time and CEST (Summer time: March - October)
German and English
Monday and Wednesday evenings

My name is Anke, and I live in Wiesbaden, Germany, and work as a freelance copy writer. I especially love being in nature, hiking, jogging, doing Yoga, cooking and reading. Being interested in alternative healing methods and energy work, I was glad to find and take the DNA Reprogramming course when I was facing a health issue.  The knowledge conveyed in the course in combination with the loving, heartfelt and supportive community really helped me to deal with that issue in a sustainable, holistic way and move into the direction of healing. I really appreciate the self-empowering approach of Annaliese’s work and the course. In order to unfold the power of the course, it was very helpful to talk to like-minded people about the course material and to share thoughts as well as experiences applying information in everyday life. Knowing from my own experience how important it is to be supported on the healing journey, I am happy to offer my support for new DNA Reprogramming course members in 1:1 sessions in English or in German. I quite like video communication for those sessions, but phone is fine for me as well. I am in Central European Time (and Central European Summer Time between March and October CEST), and available on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Massachusetts, U.S.A.
EST (Eastern Standard Time)
One-on-One and groups
Flexible times

I first discovered Annaliese’s class just by chance. (As if anything is really by chance!). The DNA Reprogramming class spoke to my soul.

Doing this wonderful work was new to me and I had taken the class twice to fully understand energy healing. I was able to form strong bonds with the wonderful people in my group and witness transformations. Having health challenges and being surrounded by like-minded people was important for my healing. I also had to relearn -rewire my brain to something that was completely foreign to me. Quantum physics, your beliefs and letting go of emotions that no longer serve you are some of the wonderful tools you will learn in these modules.

My background: I am a Director of a Medical manufacturing company with a BA in Business and certifications at Harvard University. Having come from a conventional medical background, does not always serve chronically ill conditions. Taking classes like this one is extremely helpful in looking at different healing modalities. I have continued my education and have grown spiritually by marrying the mystic with healing science.

I am happy to be of service and look forward to meeting you.


Temporarily Unavailable
Pacific Northwest, United States
PST Winter and PDT Summer
English and Spanish
Flexible schedule - seven days a week

I was first introduced to Annaliese’s course (DNA Reprogramming) in the summer of 2021, and I have been involved with her community ever since that time. I have witnessed how powerful it is when those of us in the DNA Reprogramming program support one another and continue to grow.

I love meeting new people from all over the world so my involvement with Annaliese’s community has been a gift not only from the perspective of the information and insight that has arisen from her course, but also the incredible connections and friendships that have developed from my participation in 1:1 as well as support group discussions. I’m excited about this opportunity to have conversations with new course members who are also on a healing journey.

After decades of working with children, adolescents and their parents, I now focus my energy on writing books. I also create and facilitate workshops on personal and community resilience as well as embracing new paradigms for living with health and happiness in the second half of life.

Because I’m self-employed and live in the Pacific time zone, my availability extends across the majority of time zones. I’m quite familiar with time zone conversion so I’m open to meeting with people across the globe and have had lots of practice communicating with people who are not native English speakers. I look forward to meeting you!

Mechelen, Belgium
CET (Central European Time)
Dutch, English, French
One-on-one or two enrolled together
Flexible for meeting times

I participated at Annaliese’s DNA Reprogramming course in September 2021. It was a life changing experience which offered me fundamental building blocks in the (re)construction of my own health. I have a long history of chronic fatigue and digestive problems. Only about five years ago I became conscious about the possibility of changing my condition and the choice I have daily to build a life of health and well-being.


Annaliese’s course offered crucial stepping stones towards healing. First of all, the importance of prioritizing your health above all! I remind myself on this still regularly. Also, it was in Annaliese’s course that I became aware about the crucial role of the various players: our nervous system, our mindset and our emotions in the healing process. The practices offered to work with all of them are in some way very simple, accessible for everyone at all times. It’s just a matter of doing them and finding the support to encourage you in this.


The way Annaliese guided us through the process was absolutely unique as was the commitment and energy of the whole group. I’m so glad to join the group of Support Angels because energy and connection are so powerful!


I’m a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist/Hypnotherapist and started my own business in which I support clients in their transformation process and create art. A wonderful balance.


I am very interested in how our nervous system works and how we can ‘befriend’ it. Spirituality is important in my life. I discovered the power of body-oriented practices such as Neuromovement and Qi gong and dove deeper into EFT tapping.

My own healing process is ‘a trajectory’ that I walk with awareness, curiosity, confidence and even joy.  I’m very grateful for every progress and the tools I apply daily.

Happy to be your ‘compagnon de route’ in this journey…


If you would be willing to walk this journey together with a friend, family-member or partner who enrolled in this course with you, I’m also happy to support a duo.

West Coast, United States
Pacific Standard time (PST) Winter and Pacific Daylight time Summer
Spanish and English.
One-on-one and Group
Mondays— between 1 and 3 pm Pacific time

Welcome to the DNA reprogramming community! I participated in Annaliese’s program in 2021 and again in 2022. I got great results, improving my health and supporting loved ones in their own journey. I witnessed amazing testimonials and realized that along with Annaliese’s teachings, the loving community she created is a very important pillar of the program.

I will now continue being part of this beautiful community offering a safe space and a big heart to support new participants. Here are a few details about me: My first language is Spanish. I also speak fluent English and understand basic French and Italian.

I am very curious, a lifelong learner with different interests. But for the past three years, I have been laser-focused on holistic healing and well being. I am on a healing journey myself and I am committed to supporting and empowering women. It will be my honor and pleasure to support you in this powerful journey you are about to start.

CET (Central European Time)
Dutch (native), English

When I registered for Annaliese’s course, I was looking for a holistic solution for my gender-related issues and struggles. I had seen her story on the superpower-film and her experience in healing herself by reprogramming her DNA through a conscious loving intention resonated with my own Knowing that I could wholeheartedly be me from within without external influence from medication or surgery. I had tried that path and it didn’t feel right for me in the end. The positive desired results didn’t outweigh the disadvantages for my overall and long-term health and wellbeing.

Although I’m still working towards a soothing result in which my body and my deeper essence of who I feel to be are in alignment, the course did shift me to a form of inner peace as a foundation to build upon. Ever since I took the course, I’m walking this journey through Life without the internal fight and misunderstanding between my inner essence and my body as a whole. I can see and feel it as a buddy, a sort of travel companion with whom I can ‘talk’ about what serves our Soul-experience the most. It’s through listening to All of my levels of consciousness, within and outside of this body, that we can grow towards a Divine and loving Union within.

Annaliese shares a growing plethora of tried tools and experience to lovingly walk your soul-journey, whatever it may be. You’ll be guided by the right questions to practice and grow your Self-confidence in healing yourself and find your answers within. And on that Self-fulfilling journey, I would love to be of service to you.



USA (California)
PST (Pacific Standard Time)
One or two individuals at a time
Afternoons, flexible days

When I was just eighteen months old, I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that was supposed to end my life before the age of three. That was in the mid- 1970s. My journey has not been an easy one, but my soul has chosen again and again – through illnesses and surgeries and injuries, through pain both physical and emotional – to stay on this earthly plain. During my freshmen year of college, I was offered a dramatically different type of what I call a “choice point” in the form of a Near-Death Experience. I stopped breathing in the middle of the night, and I was truly given a choice to come back into this body to complete a big “mission,” or not. My choice speaks for itself.

After seeing Annaliese in the Superpower documentary series, I knew I had to meet her. I knew I had to find out about this other type of choice that my soul can make: the choice to live this earthly experience in a healthy body. I’m working toward that goal, and I am more than happy to support others as they work toward their healing goals as well. In fact, I welcome into my experience those with particularly difficult or complex medical issues.

I’m an eternal optimist. I have a wicked sense of humor. I’m an introvert, but I make friends easily wherever I go. I know how heart-centered friendship can help light the way whenever life takes me down a darker path. If you’d like my support, I don’t mind holding the flashlight for you.

Melbourne, Australia
EAST (Australia Eastern Standard Time)
English and Polish
One-on-one and Group
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 9am -8pm. EAST, 4pm- 3am PDT, 1am-12pm Brussels

Hello, my name is Kamilla.

I searched for Annaliese straight after I saw her in The Superpower film.

I did not know then but I was one of many who sought her wisdom after seeing the film. How lucky we all were that she offered her teachings at exactly that time!

In The Protocol, she elegantly and in a very simple and effective way summarized and brought together what I have been learning and experimenting for years.

Annaliese also created a format of support that is crucial for healing. She created an inclusive, heart centered community.

We offer each other support and understanding. We practice together, encourage each other, witness each other’s healing journey and in addition have a great time doing so!

In this format no one is alone, everyone belongs.

I am privileged to offer my time and to assist in DNA Reprogramming.

I am a life-long learner and have many interests but the art of healing is my passion. I care for the environment and animals. Love reading, art/design, I meditate, walk, and do Tai Chi.

Idaho, United States
MST (Mountain Standard Time)
One-on-one and small group
Flexible times

Hi, My name is Kathy and I moved from Michigan to a 10 acre ranch in Idaho thirty years ago. I now look out at the Teton Mountains from my house and I consider myself to be “living the dream!” Physically I deal with an autoimmune condition(the same one that Annaliese healed herself from) and osteoarthritis. Emotionally I am a work in progress on healing some insecurities. I met Annaliese through a mutual friend and later I joined her first DNA reprogramming class. I loved it so much that I took her third DNA course in January 2021. Since then my life has flourished and become more balanced as a result of what I learned in the course, and from the ongoing support and friendships in my weekly group meetings. I am a passionate, lifelong animal lover. I share my life with 4 horses, 2 ponies,2 dogs and 4 cats. Many of my animals are rescues, and I most recently brought home to my barn a rooster who was dumped in the snow on my country road. Horseback riding, kayaking, downhill skiing and just being in the mountains and wilderness all feed my soul. I would love to support new participants in the DNA programming course and share a journey of learning and healing. Being in Annaliese’s presence is truly magical!


Support Angels are your personal supporters; they are not therapists.

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