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I was part of the very first group that Annaliese set up, and I felt such strong compassion and love for each member of that special group. Having that support and knowing that there are others out there in a similar position as me, gave me hope and comfort, which felt like a second family. It also made me realise how many individuals are going through health challenges, and I feel that it is my calling to help as many people as possible just as Annaliese so lovingly and compassionately did for us and will do for you!

My background is that I’m a double qualified Pharmacist and Dentist. Due to this “conventional” medical training, delving in courses such DNA Reprogramming means un-learning and rewiring my brain onto a completely different frequency. However, this was quite easy for me to do because I soon came to understand that conventional medicine, although has a great role to play in other areas of medicine, did not have any cures for most chronic conditions. I personally experienced this after I myself was diagnosed with several chronic illnesses.

I then started exploring various alternative therapies, but when I undertook Annaliese’s course I was instantly drawn to this type of healing. This initiated my journey of exploring energy, which I’m still currently on. I went from being so desperate to heal, to being so grateful for my illness because it caused a major paradigm shift in my thinking and life, giving me what feels like a higher purpose. I finally found something that I’m passionate about, that also feels wonderful. I still don’t know where this path is going to take me, but I do know that I am now content with everything that has happened, and happy to be a cork in the ocean, being swept along the ocean of love.

Despite your challenges and struggles, just know that everything is going to be ok. The beautiful thing about this life is that everything is an illusionary temporary state, as Rumi so profoundly explains: ‘You don’t live on this earth, you are just passing through it.’

I am here to be of service to you.

With love and light,


Language: English and Arabic
Location: Epsom, Surrey (United Kingdom)
Time Zone: GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
Availability: Flexible
Support Format: One-on-one and I also offer group support
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