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Hello my Friends,

I am excited to be a part of the DNA Reprogramming Support Angel program. This course has changed my Life.

I became aware of Annaliese Reid via a live Zoom

interview for the Superpower series she was featured in and was hosted by Danny Blitz, Executive Director of the series. I received this amazing opportunity to Iearn from Annaliese about her healing journey.  She learned how to use her natural innate powers to overcome a life-threatening disease, including developing the DNA Reprogramming Protocol. She told me that I could learn these tools and techniques enabling me to heal myself as well.

I immediately signed up for this course and I was excited to begin healing myself using the tools and techniques taught by Annaliese and the amazing contributors to the course study. Each session exposed us to new and exciting ways to heal ourselves. I was able to increase my focus and clarity. Meditation became easy and often. Whereas before this course meditation was difficult. I personally learned so much about myself and how I need to better understand myself to heal. The tools and techniques provided allowed me to have better relationships with family and friends.

Anxiety and PTSD have plagued me for decades as a result of childhood trauma and my Vietnam experience. I believe as a Support Angel I can use my experience and share how the DNA reprogramming protocols have changed my Life.

I look forward to supporting your journey through the DNA Reprogramming course.  We will learn and grow together. I take great pride in my ability to listen.

Blessings for a Beautiful Life.


Language: English
Location: Santa Barbara, Ca. USA
Time Zone: PST (Pacific Standard Time)
Availability: available most mornings: 11am to 1pm
Support Format: one on one
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