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The hope to live in a vibrant, healthy body led to my finding Annaliese’s DNA Reprogramming Course, which I have taken twice.  The comprehensive approach of self-healing protocols helped me realize the importance of taking full responsibility for my health and of believing that healing was truly possible.

I am a perpetual student and I love doing research.  I continue to study herbal remedies, alternative healing methods, and Shamanism, including the Munay-Ki and Reiki.  I love to travel, especially to spiritual sites.

I stay busy with my spiritual practices, studying, writing, gardening, cooking and working out.  I am also a Court Appointed Special Advocate for a child in the Foster System.

Since I am retired from the workforce, I have a relatively open schedule.  Generally, mornings and early afternoon work better for me, but I am flexible.  I would prefer face-to-face talks but I am open to other methods.

Annaliese’s DNA Reprogramming Course was a major step forward in my struggle with autoimmune issues. I would be honored to support you on your journey through the Course.

Language: English
Location: Southern California, United States
Time Zone: PST (Pacific Standard Time) Winter and PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) Summer
Availability: Flexible schedule
Support Format: One-on-one and small group
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