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I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, making Spanish my native language. I moved to the USA as a university student. I am married (29 years) and have two young adult children. My healing journey began on 2014, when I started to listen to online webinars on health and healing and was totally fascinated. I was able to take that information to my doctor and helped him diagnose me with three autoimmune diseases. I currently work part time as a medical interpreter for Hispanic families with special needs children. Also, I am studying Functional Nutrition Counselling and continue listening to online health seminars. Personally, I believe in the power of forgiveness as a tool for personal freedom and peace, which is covered in the Course. In the Spring of 2022, I heard Annaliese speak about her class during one of her husband’s classes. Annaliese’s class was just what I needed at that point and I think all can benefit from it. I love being part of this community that is birthing from her classes.

Language: Spanish and English
Location: USA
Time Zone: EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Availability: Mondays and Wednesdays flexible times
Support Format: One-on-one
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