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Hi, My name is Kathy and I moved from Michigan to a 10 acre ranch in Idaho thirty years ago. I now look out at the Teton Mountains from my house and I consider myself to be "living the dream!" Physically I deal with an autoimmune condition(the same one that Annaliese healed herself from) and osteoarthritis. Emotionally I am a work in progress on healing some insecurities. I met Annaliese through a mutual friend and later I joined her first DNA reprogramming class. I loved it so much that I took her third DNA course in January 2021. Since then my life has flourished and become more balanced as a result of what I learned in the course, and from the ongoing support and friendships in my weekly group meetings. I am a passionate, lifelong animal lover. I share my life with 4 horses, 2 ponies,2 dogs and 4 cats. Many of my animals are rescues, and I most recently brought home to my barn a rooster who was dumped in the snow on my country road. Horseback riding, kayaking, downhill skiing and just being in the mountains and wilderness all feed my soul. I would love to support new participants in the DNA programming course and share a journey of learning and healing. Being in Annaliese's presence is truly magical!

Language: English
Location: Idaho, United States
Time Zone: MST (Mountain Standard Time)
Availability: Flexible times
Support Format: One-on-one and small group
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