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Hello, my name is Kamilla.

I searched for Annaliese straight after I saw her in The Superpower film.

I did not know then but I was one of many who sought her wisdom after seeing the film. How lucky we all were that she offered her teachings at exactly that time!

In The Protocol, she elegantly and in a very simple and effective way summarized and brought together what I have been learning and experimenting for years.

Annaliese also created a format of support that is crucial for healing. She created an inclusive, heart centered community.

We offer each other support and understanding. We practice together, encourage each other, witness each other's healing journey and in addition have a great time doing so!

In this format no one is alone, everyone belongs.

I am privileged to offer my time and to assist in DNA Reprogramming.

I am a life-long learner and have many interests but the art of healing is my passion. I care for the environment and animals. Love reading, art/design, I meditate, walk, and do Tai Chi.

Language: English and Polish
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Time Zone: EAST (Australia Eastern Standard Time)
Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 9am -8pm. EAST, 4pm- 3am PDT, 1am-12pm Brussels
Support Format: One-on-one and Group
Contact Kamilla
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