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When I was just eighteen months old, I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that was supposed to end my life before the age of three. That was in the mid- 1970s. My journey has not been an easy one, but my soul has chosen again and again – through illnesses and surgeries and injuries, through pain both physical and emotional – to stay on this earthly plain. During my freshmen year of college, I was offered a dramatically different type of what I call a “choice point” in the form of a Near-Death Experience. I stopped breathing in the middle of the night, and I was truly given a choice to come back into this body to complete a big “mission,” or not. My choice speaks for itself.

After seeing Annaliese in the Superpower documentary series, I knew I had to meet her. I knew I had to find out about this other type of choice that my soul can make: the choice to live this earthly experience in a healthy body. I’m working toward that goal, and I am more than happy to support others as they work toward their healing goals as well. In fact, I welcome into my experience those with particularly difficult or complex medical issues.

I’m an eternal optimist. I have a wicked sense of humor. I’m an introvert, but I make friends easily wherever I go. I know how heart-centered friendship can help light the way whenever life takes me down a darker path. If you’d like my support, I don’t mind holding the flashlight for you.

Language: English
Location: USA (California)
Time Zone: PST (Pacific Standard Time)
Availability: Afternoons, flexible days
Support Format: One or two individuals at a time
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