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When I registered for Annaliese’s course, I was looking for a holistic solution for my gender-related issues and struggles. I had seen her story on the superpower-film and her experience in healing herself by reprogramming her DNA through a conscious loving intention resonated with my own Knowing that I could wholeheartedly be me from within without external influence from medication or surgery. I had tried that path and it didn’t feel right for me in the end. The positive desired results didn’t outweigh the disadvantages for my overall and long-term health and wellbeing.

Although I’m still working towards a soothing result in which my body and my deeper essence of who I feel to be are in alignment, the course did shift me to a form of inner peace as a foundation to build upon. Ever since I took the course, I’m walking this journey through Life without the internal fight and misunderstanding between my inner essence and my body as a whole. I can see and feel it as a buddy, a sort of travel companion with whom I can ‘talk’ about what serves our Soul-experience the most. It’s through listening to All of my levels of consciousness, within and outside of this body, that we can grow towards a Divine and loving Union within.

Annaliese shares a growing plethora of tried tools and experience to lovingly walk your soul-journey, whatever it may be. You’ll be guided by the right questions to practice and grow your Self-confidence in healing yourself and find your answers within. And on that Self-fulfilling journey, I would love to be of service to you.



Language: Dutch (native), English
Location: Belgium
Time Zone: CET (Central European Time)
Availability: Flexible
Support Format: One-on-one
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