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Welcome to the DNA reprogramming community! I participated in Annaliese's program in 2021 and again in 2022. I got great results, improving my health and supporting loved ones in their own journey. I witnessed amazing testimonials and realized that along with Annaliese's teachings, the loving community she created is a very important pillar of the program.

I will now continue being part of this beautiful community offering a safe space and a big heart to support new participants. Here are a few details about me: My first language is Spanish. I also speak fluent English and understand basic French and Italian.

I am very curious, a lifelong learner with different interests. But for the past three years, I have been laser-focused on holistic healing and well being. I am on a healing journey myself and I am committed to supporting and empowering women. It will be my honor and pleasure to support you in this powerful journey you are about to start.

Language: Spanish and English.
Location: West Coast, United States
Time Zone: Pacific Standard time (PST) Winter and Pacific Daylight time Summer
Availability: Mondays— between 1 and 3 pm Pacific time
Support Format: One-on-one and Group
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