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I participated at Annaliese’s DNA Reprogramming course in September 2021. It was a life changing experience which offered me fundamental building blocks in the (re)construction of my own health. I have a long history of chronic fatigue and digestive problems. Only about five years ago I became conscious about the possibility of changing my condition and the choice I have daily to build a life of health and well-being.


Annaliese’s course offered crucial stepping stones towards healing. First of all, the importance of prioritizing your health above all! I remind myself on this still regularly. Also, it was in Annaliese’s course that I became aware about the crucial role of the various players: our nervous system, our mindset and our emotions in the healing process. The practices offered to work with all of them are in some way very simple, accessible for everyone at all times. It’s just a matter of doing them and finding the support to encourage you in this.


The way Annaliese guided us through the process was absolutely unique as was the commitment and energy of the whole group. I’m so glad to join the group of Support Angels because energy and connection are so powerful!


I’m a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist/Hypnotherapist and started my own business in which I support clients in their transformation process and create art. A wonderful balance.


I am very interested in how our nervous system works and how we can ‘befriend’ it. Spirituality is important in my life. I discovered the power of body-oriented practices such as Neuromovement and Qi gong and dove deeper into EFT tapping.

My own healing process is ‘a trajectory’ that I walk with awareness, curiosity, confidence and even joy.  I’m very grateful for every progress and the tools I apply daily.

Happy to be your ‘compagnon de route’ in this journey…


If you would be willing to walk this journey together with a friend, family-member or partner who enrolled in this course with you, I’m also happy to support a duo.

Language: Dutch, English, French
Location: Mechelen, Belgium
Time Zone: CET (Central European Time)
Availability: Flexible for meeting times
Support Format: One-on-one or two enrolled together
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