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I was first introduced to Annaliese’s course (DNA Reprogramming) in the summer of 2021, and I have been involved with her community ever since that time. I have witnessed how powerful it is when those of us in the DNA Reprogramming program support one another and continue to grow.

I love meeting new people from all over the world so my involvement with Annaliese’s community has been a gift not only from the perspective of the information and insight that has arisen from her course, but also the incredible connections and friendships that have developed from my participation in 1:1 as well as support group discussions. I’m excited about this opportunity to have conversations with new course members who are also on a healing journey.

After decades of working with children, adolescents and their parents, I now focus my energy on writing books. I also create and facilitate workshops on personal and community resilience as well as embracing new paradigms for living with health and happiness in the second half of life.

Because I’m self-employed and live in the Pacific time zone, my availability extends across the majority of time zones. I’m quite familiar with time zone conversion so I’m open to meeting with people across the globe and have had lots of practice communicating with people who are not native English speakers. I look forward to meeting you!

Language: English and Spanish
Location: Pacific Northwest, United States
Time Zone: PST Winter and PDT Summer
Availability: Flexible schedule - seven days a week
Support Format: one-on-one
Contact Diane
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