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I first discovered Annaliese’s class just by chance. (As if anything is really by chance!). The DNA Reprogramming class spoke to my soul.

Doing this wonderful work was new to me and I had taken the class twice to fully understand energy healing. I was able to form strong bonds with the wonderful people in my group and witness transformations. Having health challenges and being surrounded by like-minded people was important for my healing. I also had to relearn -rewire my brain to something that was completely foreign to me. Quantum physics, your beliefs and letting go of emotions that no longer serve you are some of the wonderful tools you will learn in these modules.

My background: I am a Director of a Medical manufacturing company with a BA in Business and certifications at Harvard University. Having come from a conventional medical background, does not always serve chronically ill conditions. Taking classes like this one is extremely helpful in looking at different healing modalities. I have continued my education and have grown spiritually by marrying the mystic with healing science.

I am happy to be of service and look forward to meeting you.


Language: English
Location: Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Time Zone: EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Availability: Flexible times
Support Format: One-on-One and groups
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