Time to Heal

What if the worst thing that ever happened to you could simple be erased from your life? This is the promise of the latest findings in neuroscience: the brain DOES have a delete button! Moreover, the Havening Techniques® used to activate this self-healing mechanism are rapid, gentle, and effortless.

Haunted by a horrifying assault? Traumatised by a sudden illness or injury? Struggling in your relationships because of a terrible fear of abandonment? Anxious at work? Paralysed by a phobia? Never feeling worthy or good enough? All these problems are the result of traumatic memories that get hard-wired in the brain.

In clear and simple language, illustrated with many real-life examples, Dr Youngson explains why many of life difficulties are not your fault. Step by step, he lays out the science of why trauma gets stored in the brain, causing powerful negative emotions and stress responses that sabotage your life.

In this book you will learn how trauma stops you being happy, inhibits you from fully engaging in life, sabotages your relationships, erodes personal meaning, and hinders your potential. The great news is that a simple and gentle, guided self-healing process can rapidly erase the trauma that causes life difficulties.

Sharing the science of this remarkable self-healing mechanism, Dr Youngson shows how lives can be transformed, including his own experience of healing from abandonment and abuse. He explains how the healing techniques are used and where you can get help from the hundreds of practitioners around the world.

Drawing inspiration from the discovery of this powerful self-healing mechanism, Dr Youngson shows how the new science might transform our approach to chronic illness. Exploring further, he draws parallels with the self-healing and regenerative capacity of all living systems and paints a hopeful picture of how we all might begin to build a better world.The author, Dr Robin Youngson, is an award winning doctor, trauma therapist, campaigner, author and health leader. He is internationally renowned for his pioneering work on compassionate healthcare. In 2016, he was given the highest award of the New Zealand Medical Association, for outstanding contribution to the health of New Zealand.