The Psychic Roots of Disease

The Psychic Roots of Disease New Medicine Desk Reference Colour Edition.

‘The 5 Biological Laws of Nature’, is an essential desk reference book for medical professionals, family practitioners, therapists, naturopathic professionals, clinicians and patients.

With over 500 case studies of the research findings of the Germanic New Medicine®, discovered by world renowned and respected German physician, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D., and as systematized in the principals of ‘The 5 Biological Laws Nature’. The study of ‘The 5 Biological Laws of Nature’, opens the door to an entirely new way of looking at health and illness.

This extensive reference book outlines the basis of one’s health, bio-genealogy and disease; while correlating and demonstrating the relationship between ones brain, organs and psyche. The reference section is meticulously organized by organs and describes the roots, meaning, course and support options, for nearly all common diseases.

The Psychic Roots of Disease is embraced and sought after by the European medical, bio-genealogy, science and health communities, with over 50,000 copies sold and has been translated into seven languages.

The book also serves as a self-help reference for the health conscious and the curious.

The well-known medical journalist Schmidsberger makes the point, “If Dr. Hamer is right, then conventional medical books hold no more value than waste paper!”