The Key to Self-Liberation

The Key to Self-liberation: An authoritative work on the relationship between body and mind, second, revised and enlarged edition.

Why do you get headaches? Which psychological patterns correspond to an increased cholesterol level? Why are certain people susceptible to colds? What is the message of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic? How does cancer originate emotionally? And what can you do yourself to help healing?

Psychological, emotional undercurrents play an important role in the development of diseases. Christiane Beerlandt shows that the germs, the fundamental origins of illnesses, are to be found in the depths of the human psyche ones deepest feelings, beliefs, convictions, thoughts, expectations, self-image, habitual patterns, etc.

The profoundness and accuracy of the texts, written in a language accessible to all, have brought this book worldwide recognition among all types of people, including many health professionals. While listening to the loving language of the heart, Christiane Beerlandt used her innate giftedness to feel herself into the inner world of people.

Many readers have been profoundly impressed by the precision of the Beerlandt texts that address illnesses they were suffering from. The first part of this book offers innovative philosophical views and practical guidelines to take the reins over your life.

The second part contains entries about a very wide range of diseases as well as chapters about the psychological, metaphysical meaning of the organs (heart, stomach, brain, glands, epiphysis, thymus, etc.) and other parts of the body (vertebrae, fingers, chin, etc.).

For those who have the first edition of this book, the updates of the second edition can be found in a separate book: ‘Life Philosophy for a Happy and Healthy Existence’.