A Book on Fear

Our world has increasingly become fear-based, but when we don’t understand the sources of this fear, we can’t heal them. We each hold collective fears, like dying in a pandemic, and individual fears, many of which we aren’t aware of because they arise from conditioning and deeply embedded beliefs.

We are meant to live in joy, not in fear. Even if everyone around us is in fear, this doesn’t have to be our personal experience. By taking us on a treetop journey through quantum physics, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and more, A BOOK ON FEAR gives us tools and awarenesses to see where our fear comes from. When we see how our belief systems were created, how they limit us, and what we have become attached to that creates fear, we will come to know ourselves at a deeper level. Then we can make different choices to transform our fears.

The end of each chapter includes a suggested simple exercise that can be done quickly but that will shift the reader into an immediate higher state of awareness about that chapter’s topic. Once we bring awareness to how we may have operated unconsciously before, we set out on the road to positive change.

Author and entrepreneur Lawrence Doochin is someone who has experienced, processed, and released a great amount of fear. Allow him to guide you out of the fear tunnel and back into the sunlight.