Live DNA Reprogramming Course

Annual Live Course

In addition to the Concise Online DNA Reprogramming Course, I am offering a Live Course, once each year, which will offer a deeper focus on specific topics, such as the important spiritual (as distinct from religious) aspect of healing.

The Live Course will take place on Zoom in 6 weekly 2-hour sessions, with a start date of Thursday, October 19, 2023, and will continue on Thursdays, skipping the US Thanksgiving Day and ending on Dec. 7, with a special bonus session.

The primary focus of the Live Course is to learn to use your untapped powers of consciousness to assist in returning to vibrant health.

If the Live Course feels right for you, I look forward to receiving your registration. Please also obtain a writing journal; I will advise you on the great importance of journaling, during your healing journey back to full health.

As an added bonus, when you enroll in the Live Course, you will receive a coupon code that allows access to the Concise DNA Reprogramming Online Course to be used as a foundation for the LIVE Course.

I look forward to meeting you on October 19th!

Live DNA Reprogramming Course