Tapping your innate Superpowers for healing

As featured in the Pilot Episode of the Superpower docuseries

What would it feel like to live in a vibrant, healthy body?

I learned how to use my natural, innate powers to overcome a life-threatening, medically “incurable” disease and return to vibrant health and vitality –

can too !


Live DNA Reprogramming Course

The Live Course will take place on Zoom in 6 weekly 2-hour sessions, with a start date of Thursday, October 19, 2023, and will continue on Thursdays, skipping the US Thanksgiving Day and ending on Dec. 7, with a special bonus session.

As an added bonus, when you enroll in the Live Course, you will receive a coupon code that allows access to the Concise DNA Reprogramming Online Course to be used as a foundation for the LIVE Course.

Join us on this LIFE-ENHANCING journey that you can enjoy ANYTIME and in ANY PLACE

Heal with the power of your own consciousness in the SIX-WEEK

DNA Reprogramming Course

Are you challenged by a chronic health condition?
Did you know that you can reprogram your DNA with your consciousness?

Discover how your thoughts and beliefs profoundly affect your health, and learn techniques that can create miraculous healing and vibrant health.

What Participants Are Saying


The light of who you are shines forth from your very soul, illuminating each one of us. You emanate grace.

Healing is not just about the physical body. It manifests at so many levels. I've been diagnosed with Parkinson's and will continue to visualize alleviation of my symptoms and ultimately, I believe I can reverse these symptoms. However, I have already been healed in so many other ways - self empowerment, loving myself, awakening compassion, shifting beliefs, clearing emotional blockages. That, to me, is the real healing; the physical can follow or not.

Continued blessings on your work. Its time has come.

Sending a heart full of love and gratitude.

Gloria H

The DNA reprogramming course creates and holds space to learn about and review healing modalities and concepts that ring with truth and encourage one to slow down and really check-in. It's so wonderful to be led by a kind compassionate teacher who leads by example in all interactions within the course, demonstrating self-love, the love for others and the connectedness we all share. This was a lovely experience and is recommended for all of those who desire to heal and bring their full selves and open heart to the experience.

Thank you again for leading the way and teaching week after week from your heart and a place of love. Thank you for sharing your stories and inspiring all of us, it's so wonderful living now knowing of the connection to all and the ability to reprogram DNA and to heal!


Life-changing does not begin to describe the quality of love and life I am now experiencing. I have struggled with auto-immune health issues for the greater part of my 58 years of life. Somehow I’ve managed these. But not getting good sleep. That has worsened in the last 15 years. There hasn’t been one week with no disturbed sleep. Usually I have 1 or 2 (if lucky) nights a week with a little more sleep but that’s it. Feeling groggy was my normal state. Until now with Annaliese’s DNA protocol…. Somehow I recognised a sub-conscious current of anxiety & transformed it with the DNA protocol. It wasn’t easy but the DNA protocol gave me strength & confidence. For the first time in all those years I have been sleeping for almost 3 weeks every night deep & sound. Waking up just 15 min before the alarm…instead of hours before. And I know that if I have an issue again?….I’ll transform that again. Feeling refreshed, awake, ready to start the day! Loving life! Deeply Grateful!



Thank you Annaliese and the team.

I got into the course because I like to explore goodness and I am interested in being in charge of our lives, and health. I think, I feel, this programme is amazing, not only the structure, the pace, the knowledge, the sharing...The other fact is that people are sharing achievements, WONDERFUL.

I believe we are wired to achievement and success constantly, and sometimes the belief gets broken. Your programme is a wonderful environment to reconnect.


I would like to express my deepest, heart-felt Gratitude for all that you, and your precious team, pulled together and shared so beautifully over the last 7 or 8 weeks.

As you know, when I first made contact with you, after being lead to your door with the opportunity to learn,

I was holding much exhaustion and fear regarding my then-current health situation, sensing that something absolutely had to change, if I was going to stand any chance of making perfect recovery.

Through being on your course, I feel I have not only received more answers to pathways of true healing revealed to me, but that I have also found rare group kinship, honest sharing, warmth, and profound realisations about direction for my ongoing life journey. Thank you always.

J in UK

I joined the DNA Reprogramming Course because of the incessant psychological pain I have endured since the tyranny in this world showed its face to the masses. Annaliese’s calm, continuous support and love opened up the room for me to examine and reflect safely, even the darkest parts of my mind. In the container Annaliese and her assistants created, I felt relaxed enough to greet a "forbidden” place, and hence, a major shift happened. I feel freer than I have in a long time. My light can now shine brighter.


Special thanks to you both for making the tremendous effort of delivering the DNA reprogramming class. Each session has been a great inner discovery for myself.

While meditating one day, I saw my entire health predicament was a product of the self and nothing at all was by chance. By looking within and claiming the outcome as 100% home-grown mismanagement, I realized I have been the cause of this mess.

With this in mind I sat upright and smiled to myself: I had unlocked the Genie in me and the magical feeling of freedom ran up my spine. My eyes at last were wet from the truth within.

Joining the DNA reprogramming course was the trigger to waking up. There's no magic pill delivered but plenty of water to allow thoughts to go down.


Thank you so much for the wonderful DNA reprogramming course, I have found it very, very helpful. I have found a focused connection through the protocol is helping heal my body of so much pain, and is dissipating the intensity of it – giving me hope. My anxiety has eased realising it is possible through the scientific evidence, which is showing consciousness with the cells inspiring and emotionally uplifting, to know that science can show the result of this consciousness connection

Thank you and John and the team for all the very valuable input and guidance throughout the course, it has been invaluable in many, many ways.

Wendy S

I have been telling many of my friends about the wonderful sessions in this course. I am always surprised when I try something that works for me. For years, I never had faith that anything would heal me and my myriad health issues. That lack of faith had proved itself over and over again. Your class has changed my life, my heart, and my mind. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Patricia S.

Thank you so very much for creating this wonderful class! I am feeling a shift take place in me and I am SO grateful! My body has less pain and I am feeling more connected to the world around me.

Thank you for creating a healing community that continues to exist beyond the last class.

All the guest presenters (which includes John and his experiences and knowledge) were wonderful!

Again, thank you so much for sharing this class with so many!

It has made a big difference in my life.

Penny S.

This is a course where I feel and practice true, deep healing and my soul’s purpose.

Annaliese’s course delivers a very safe, loving and wonderful method which will be part of the rest of my life.

Monique J.

Benefits I have received from participating in this DNA Reprogramming course:

Helpful tips and practical advise on how to open the mind and adapt the way we view things when it comes to our health.

Being able to opening discuss with others my challenges and get and give advise that is offered with true love and compassion.

It is a gift to be realised by all that partake in it.

Elena K

“Within weeks integrating and applying the protocol of Annaliese’s DNA Reprogramming Course my new blood lab levels, monitoring stage four leukemia, for the first time in years, starting to self-correct. My baffled oncologist said she has never seen this happen. She asked if I was doing anything else. I just smiled! I am forever grateful for Annaliese’s guidance and compassion.”

Mary Ann Place

Ahhhhh. Such a transformative experience. Thank you from the depths of my heart. I entered the sessions with the awareness that I am energy and that my physical cells follow my intention and create what comes next. Your guidance has lifted me from mere academic awareness to a heartfelt knowing.

My practice feels authentic and powerful now.

Cath B.

This course has given me hope and a wealth of wisdom I intuitiveIy knew was out there to help me not only cope with my illness but also take part in healing my life on a very deep level.
I’ve received invaluable information and resources that have provided tools I can easily use and incorporate into my everyday life, in the service of my own healing. Annaliese, along with her husband John, present clear, informative easy to understand knowledge from a variety of sources that come together to support a new way of coping with our lives in health and in illness. In healing ourselves comes the healing of our planet and the future of our universe.

Louisa S.

I thought I didn't need the support of other people -- other classmates -- on this healing journey, but I was very wrong. The people I met in class are now lifelong friends, and we will continue to support each other on our respective healing journeys. Many of the concepts in the course were familiar to me, and many were not, but I had not connected even the familiar concepts to the larger whole and how everything pieces together to support my superpower of self-healing. I am so grateful to Annaliese for the gifts of knowledge, kindness, and compassion.

Julie J.

I'm already seeing small but significant improvements in my body. My blood pressure is not normally considered high, but it was often at the higher end of normal before this class and all the breathing techniques. Now my blood pressure is significantly lower every day. That's not even the most exciting part. My intention is to reverse the loss of motor neurons and subsequent muscle loss caused by this disease. I am astonished by all the twitching, mild muscle spasms, and overall good sensations happening beneath my skin and deeper in the muscle. My brain keeps saying, "it's too good to be true!" But the more it happens, the more my hope and belief improves.


The 7 weeks of this course have been amazing. Struggling for more than 20 years with chronic fatigue I gave myself the permission to put my health as number one in my agenda now. As I applied for the course I was already convinced about my responsibility in my healing process. Annaliese’s story made this belief rock solid. This perspective empowers me and fills my life with joy and courage! On top of that she shared strong tools, very easily to integrate in daily life. The safety of the group, the contributions of professionals in different fields, the warmth of Annaliese and her husband John made these weeks incredibly valuable and life changing.

Elise D.

Thank you so much for the ‘Reprogramming your DNA course’, it was exactly what I needed at this time in life. You put so much knowledge and evident based techniques in it, so many tips for books and persons to follow or look up…I created a library of wisdom with this course, I can live on that for a long time, I think.

I felt so much warmth and a great commitment from you and John to the group, that alone made it very worthwhile. I already knew that thoughts are key in getting healthier, but now I’m even more aware and convinced and I have more tools for reprogramming my belief system and getting out of the groove of negative thinking about my changes to heal. It was healing for me to dig in to my old problems and believe systems, because I thought I had cleaned up everything already. This is a process that goes on.


What benefits have I received from your class? Most of all … YOU! Your example, Annaliese, as a real, living person who has returned to vibrant health from a serious, life-threatening disease. I was drawn to your story when I saw you in a documentary [Superpower] earlier this year. I wanted to learn how did you do that? How did you get yourself to stay in that frequency for extended periods of time … enough to heal like you did.

Of course, the tools you’ve shared are awesome and the information very helpful. John’s music and sound studies are fascinating to me. But reading about those things in a book would not convey the power of the techniques. Listening to John’s enthusiasm and wonder about his work … and listening to your calm, kind, energetic wisdom … make the difference.

Thank you both so very, very much,

With Love and Gratitude,

Katherine R.

I laugh a little bit more because I'm not so tense or bothered and the class worked in terms of helping me be less self-critical. To work from the heart and self-love helped me to gain more patience for myself. This class validated that belief in oneself is enough and there's a bunch of modalities I can now use. I had a lot of doubt and disbelief on how to heal and what to trust, when the answer was always in front of me. Believe in oneself. I knew my main issue was psychological and within myself, and you and the whole class just validated it. I feel very lucky to receive such validation and am very confident to heal my physical ailments. I'm not worried.


Thank you! I can now create the path I want.

Sarah F

The DNA re-programming course helped me in the process of beginning to love my heart, my body, myself, a problem I have been struggling with all my life, and I am 72. I am so grateful. Thank you, Annaliese, you have a golden heart


Background- I had a liver transplant 3 years ago due to liver cancer. The anti-rejection medication has caused a lot of side effects and weakened the kidneys. The doctor gave me 5 years to live.
The benefits I received from the course is hope and trust. I now feel relaxed, happy and loved. I trust my body can be healed.


My joint arthritis issues are continuing to improve, compared to before I began to implement the methods from the course. The swollenness in my knees and other joint problems have reduced about 50% in 1.5 months, and at this rate I expect to reach my “break-through target” point in a matter of weeks.

Daniel K.

I highly recommend the DNA Reprogramming course! The class is a wonderful combination of science, wisdom and hope, presented within a loving and compassionate context. Annaliese and her husband, John, are absolutely lovely people who truly care about the health and well-being of all of the participants, and that care is evident throughout the course. A bonus is the friendships I have made and the support I have received during our small break-out group sessions.

Diane S.

After 6 weeks I feel the beginning of a big transformation.

I’m so grateful that I can trust the universe more and have a community of people behind me to support my healing process.

My sleeping pattern has improved, inflammations become less violent and frequent and my immune system also seems to be stronger.

Lo S.

The biggest shift I feel happening is seeing and feeling my body as a buddy, a sort of travel companion on this journey through Life. Before, I saw my body, and even my Soul and Universe as separate entities that don't understand me, separate of mySelf. It's still shifting. I still feel misunderstood or not heard sometimes, but my body, Soul and Universe might reflect just that as well. By listening to All of them we grow towards a Divine Union within.

Helena G.

Heartfelt thank you for all that you offered during our DNA Reprogramming course. This course was a reaffirmation in my belief that we are able to heal ourselves and that miracles happen every day. One essential element that I received from this experience was the connection to others who hold that same belief. I believe that connection of hope is so important.

Mary D

This course was just…I can’t even find words! Wonderful? Enriching? Hope and love giving? None of these describe the whole experience, only aspects of the course! Simple and easy to use but very effective. Something that can be practiced every day. One of the factors though, that contributed to the course being such a magical experience is the community of people that wish each other nothing but the best, support and lift each participant up. And all the love and light that just emanate from everyone and you, of course! Thank you, Annaliese!!

Anita K.

This extraordinary class, based on cutting edge quantum science combined with deeply inspiring stories of radical healing, has given me the inspiration and specific tools to use my consciousness to heal. I’ve already had noticeable effects within days. I recommend this with all my heart!
Thank you again for your lovely, gentle and healing presence! I am changed.

Jayne B

The easy to follow yet deeply comprehensive DNA Repair Protocol has led me to healing Multiple Sclerosis. My headaches are gone, my digestion has improved tremendously, and no more physical aches and pains and my energy level has greatly improved. When I was younger I could not understand why I could not feel or radiate love and really believed something was wrong with me, that I was somehow broken. I am happy to say that love and radiance fills my life every day and I am so very grateful for this course and Annaliese!

Laura M

This course has been the catalyst to great personal healing for us both. Not only do we have very obvious physical manifestations of healing - my Rheumatoid Nodules are noticeably smaller in just a few weeks (almost completely healed), We're sleeping more deeply, we both have shed our Chronic Fatigue and brain fog. On an emotional level, it has all but cured our depression from many traumas and years of abusive bosses at work. We have done many courses on healing body, mind and spirit but adding this to the mix is what upleveled it all for us. We couldn't be more grateful to you for sharing this wonderful technique with us!

Sabrina and Xenia Salazar